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We have organized a soprano, Kyoko Utumi's fan club, Lunart Kyoko Utsumi Supporter  Club in order to help providing her beautiful voice to her fans.

Lunart Kyoko Utsumi Supporter Club will bridge between Kyoko and her fans.  Its activi-  ties include planning and holding her concerts, among other things.  It would be appreci-  ated if you would kindly join the club by free membership registration.

* Organization name and URL
Lunart Kyoko Utsumi Supporter Club

* Support Office Address
P.O. Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0053

* Mail Address

* Phone Number


News Flash

January 10
Opened Home Page
January 10
Provided January 27 concert details
January 30
Updated upcoming concert info
January 30
As of today, all concert tickets are available for online purchase.